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Protect your sensitive card details, generate virtual cards and say goodbye to the hassle and worry of online shopping knowing that your transactions are secure and your sensitive card details are protected

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One-Stop Solution for Hassle-Free Online Shopping

Online shopping has its own risks such as potential data breaches or scams, it would be very clever to use virtual cards to minimize the risk of exposing your real credit card information


Virtual cards add an extra layer of security. Your real card details are never shared with the merchant.


Users can customize spending limits, categories, and security settings to fit their individual needs


Virtual cards eliminate the need for physical cards for online payments.

Our vision

We are a group of enthusiastic individuals who want to change the way people handle their money. Our goal is to offer a payment system that is safe, secure, and affordable for everyone.


Empower every one does money

Empowering everyone to manage their finances is an important goal that can have a positive impact on individuals and society as a whole


safe online payment experience

worry-free payment and transaction system, encourages more people to engage in online transactions and purchases without the fear of fraud and scams

Worry-free online payments

Pay Optima is a virtual card payment system that allows you to purchase online without the fear of fraud and scams. It is a convenient and secure way to pay for your online purchases.

People are Saying about it

It's going to be pretty practical in the future, I must say! I think it will help me purchase anything online without getting scammed.

Soufiane FATHConsulting Client at BMCE Bank

Pay Optima feels like the future of secure digital payment. I'm sure it's going to be satisfactory and beneficial to many users around the world

Meryem GoftiSenior Account Manager at B agilr

Pay Optima might actually become really helpful for me. I would feel safer and more secure shopping online however I want.

Aicha RAFIKAccountant at KARIM
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